The beauty of India.

India 009

I slept a good eight hours last night even if it was not very peaceful as evident by the massive headache I woke up to. I’m extremely tired today and it’s just morning.

I was playing with the idea of putting down a home again and started by placing out a couple that I got from the arcade this round.  The homes are always lovely, but always tend to run too small for me personally as I find myself not able to maneuver around in them as easily. I know most can be edited and made larger though it means that the prim count will go up exceptionally higher.

This house called the Jodhpur was inspired by the crafts and culture of the Indian state of Rajasthan according to the creator’s remarks.  Jodhpur being the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan.  The house and all the decor pieces are very detailed, and textures well done and you can’t help and enjoy the display of colors.

I didn’t settle on keeping this out, though I did enjoy decorating a room to snap a picture in this outfit I’m wearing.

Real duty calls, so everyone enjoy your Tuesday!

Hair – Magika – Stay
Teeth – [PXL] – Mouth_Open_Addon_v7.1
Top/Pants – Snow Paws – Luca Mesh Outfit-Raw Silk
Jewelry – Zaara – Banjara Silver Set
Shoes – Hucci – Imias Sandal Classic Blue @ Uber

Jodhpur House Rare, Block Printed Couch Rare, Block Printed Futon Coral & Turquoise, Sandstone Elephant, Sheesham Inlay Coffee Table, Succulent Plant, Rajput Miniature Painting, Surahi Wine Jug, Jaipur Blue Pottery, Block Prints, Pile of Books, Jali Lamps *Kamal*, Kathputli Puppets, Patchwork Tapestry, Rajastani Wall Hanging *Elephant* & *Camel* – Zaara [home] @ The Arcade
Block Print Wing Chair Rare & Chai Assortment – Zaara [home] {March 2014 Arcade}

Pose: Window Poses Set – Izzie’s

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