In her gilded cage, she relishes in knowing that freedom is a state of mind.


I took these pictures not knowing how they would ultimately symbolize the sense of vulnerability that I’m feeling inside just now.  Being fully naked with my emotions doesn’t come easy to me and I’m not one to bare my soul very often.  Even when I first started to write snippets of my real life on this blog it came with a small amount of anxiety. That has lessened over time though I will probably only share glimpses from time to time as I do now of a whole bunch of a lot of nothing.


I’m going to bare my soul a little.  I spoke to someone that I hadn’t spoken to in what feels was a very long time.  The distance created by circumstances and a decision that I had to ultimately make a certain amount of peace with.

It wasn’t a long conversation.  In fact, it was probably all of about ten minutes and yet those minutes were enough to send my emotions into overdrive and leave me feeling bare and naked.  I missed you more than you know.

Lara V2.1 Body – Maitreya
Hair – Olive – The Steffi Hair @ Uber
Mesh Eyelids – Slink
Headdress & Face Accessory – LODE – Oliv [Original] @ Shiny ShabbyScene:
Chrysanthemum Corolla with Butterfly Cage – Zenith @ Uber
Hanging Oliv – LODE @ Shiny Shabby

Pose: Leave the Pieces Set – Vibe @ Shiny Shabby

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