The lights are dimmed enough to lure you into a peaceful sleep.


The newest round of the Men’s Department just opened up a couple of days ago and one of the items you can find is this wooden shower and potted plant by [ARIA].  While it is advertised as an outdoor shower, it can obviously be used inside as well.  I used one of the teahouses made by [CIRCA] to create this spa room using items from a few different creators.

Have a great Tuesday!

*Ravenna Outdoor Shower & Potted Dieffenbachia – [ARIA] @ The Men’s Department
Blackwell Decorative Floor Towel – [ARIA]
Ayumu Teahouse Brown/Ocean – [CIRCA]
Wall Scroll Hasu – Kisetsu
Onsen Delights Floating Spa Basket – Daebaucheri
Accent Table Orient – Mirage
Thalassa Massage Table, Decor Towels & Hot Stones & Oil Decor – [ARIA]
Tantra Aromatic Sticks & Ikon Dark Rug – Tartessos Arts
Excess Table, Resort Stones Bowl, Stones & Flowers, Candles & Stones – Tartessos Arts

*Review copy.

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