The PackUP Home

Painting Italiano 1

I’m showing the newest home by The [Den.], called the PackUp, that has a land impact of 18 and is full mesh with functional doors on three sides.  The interesting thing about the building is the clickable decks that raise up to give you that added privacy.  It was a result of all the windows and decks that I thought to put it out at sea with a deck leading back to land.

Painting Italiano 2

As you can see it can also be used in other ways other than just a home.  Being a painter in real life, even though it’s been ages since I last picked up a paint brush, I am still drawn to painting accessories whenever I see them in-world.

Painting the EL Italiano

I was painting my favorite subject, except Draco sort of took over… as always. Chuckles.  

Skin – Lumae – Adore Tone 6 Cinnamon Bare
Hair – Tableau Vivant – Mokuzai @ Xiasumi School Festival
Dress – Vive Atelier – Artists Apron Rare @ Xiasumi School Festival
Palette & Paint Brush – Finishing Touches {Past Hunt Gift}

*The PackUP Home – [The Den.] @ The Liaison Collaborative
Easel w/ Canvas Rare, Table, Acrylic Tubes Rare, Canvas Stack, Easel, Sketchbook (A) & (B), Water Cup, Brush Box – Sorgo @ Xiasumi School Festival
Art Class – Palette Light. Cup w/ Brush, Canvas, DIY Spray Paint, Modeling Clay, Colored Papers, Crayons Rare, Acrylic Paint – Sari-Sari @ Xiasumi School Festival
Artists Double Canvas Rack (Fully & Empty), Easel w/ Canvas, Jumbo Covered Canvas, Stack of Canvases (Painted & Clean), Paint Brush Jar, Easel. Floor Tarps, Used Paint Tubes, Studio Ceiling Light Copper, Artists Sketchbook & Box of Paint Tubes – Vive Atelier @Xiasumi School Festival
Mesh Bar Cart Silver – Construct
Retro Lunch Boxes (Spring Blue & Pink) – Balaclava
Basil Plant Potted – Alouette
Handbag & Scar – Apple Fall
Deer Planter Grey & White – +Half-Deer+
Plant (Exotic) – Apple Fall
Clawfoot Height Adjusting Table & Cafe Chairs – Apple Fall
Bergamot Square Deck – Lisp
Bean Bag – [We’re Closed]

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