It’s all in the palm of your hand.

Palmistry 085

[ARIA] is participating in the newest round of TAG! Gacha, which is themed “The Side Show” with the Morgana’s Wonders Collection.  I am only showing a few pieces here, but there are 14 items to collect in total, with 11 being common, 2 rare and 1 mystery rare.  You can get a look at all the prizes at the website and all the gacha machines are at the individual stores .

The event is HUD based so that on a click it will teleport you to every store so that you can play the gacha machine.  Make sure you tag the board next to the gacha machine so your HUD knows you have been there and by tagging every board of participating stores it will unlock the bonus room and ultimately the prize room, where you can collect any of the mystery rares you might have received.

Get all the information on the event and  using the HUD at the TAG! website.   The event will run until April 30th.

*Morgana Marquee Star Lights (Floor) & (Wall), Framed Print Palm, Framed Print Astrology, Framed Print Palmistry, Chest of Drawers (Chalk) & Cobra Light – [ARIA] for TAG! Gacha 
NYC Apartment Skybox – Barnesworth Anubis
Banana Tree – Apple Fall
Bowling, Tic Tac Toe, Soccer Ball, Old Racer Toy Care Rare – Serenity Style @ Black Fashion Fair
Safari! Ball Decoration – GA Home @ The Chapter Four
Plant Decor – Bazar
Audrey’s Chair Black & White – Trompe Loeil
Inspiration Dark Rug – Tartessos Arts

*Review copy.

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