I want to be a rock star.

Rock Star 002

I went to a live music show the other day as little me.  This is not something that I usually do, normally the only times I log her in is when I need to grab stuff from events and main stores that I can’t directly send her or when I’m dual logging to do a post with my regular avatar.  It was just that I was organizing her wardrobe and sharing with Drems, my Second Life mom, how I was laughing at myself.  I had found some dancers in my inventory and had worn one and it set me to dancing hip hop style and it was so funny to watch.  What made it so laughable was that I was wearing a hoodie and these mesh shorts that sort of hung in the back end. Drems is on the dance team for one of the grid’s most popular country singers, so she sent me a teleport so I could show her what I was wearing.

You can see the results now of attending a music show…. I want to be a rock star!  This cute set that consists of the outfit (everything minus shoes worn) is by Little Llama and is going to be available at the May round of the All The Little Things.  There is a blue and pink (pop star) set and each comes with the stage, marquee, toy microphone and guitar.  The theme this month is career fair and it’s all about what you want to be when you grow up.  I’ll be showing a few more items for the toddleedoo in the coming days.

Hope you have a rocking Monday!

Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *142* Jet Black
Outfit including Guitar & Microphone – Little Llama – Rock Star Kit @ All The Little Things ***Starts May 3rd through May 16th***
Boots – Viv.a! kids – Part of Chess Outfit

Stage & Rock Star Sign – Little Llama – Rock Star Kit @ All The Little Things ***Starts May 3rd through May 16th***

Pose: Tricksters by Imperfect {used one of the poses from 3-Person Pose}

7 thoughts on “I want to be a rock star.

  1. I guess I’ve not ever really paid attention to this part of SL, I never once realized your little one was a little avatar. I guess, actually, I have no clue what I thought she was, maybe something like those pet dogs and cats everyone has (they aren’t avatars too are they?) Let me re-phrase, I knew some people were children avatars sometimes for shamefully (IMO) awful reasons, but your little one is just so much like you I never put two and two together. I just adore her! She is like a mini-me to you! 😀

    1. spunknbrains

      I can understand exactly how you feel. 🙂 When I was first learned of children in SL I was a little disturbed by the whole idea of why adults would want to play a child (for those awful reasons). I could understand the prim babies and those who wanted to experience motherhood, because they couldn’t in real life or those who were role-playing the whole family experience. It wasn’t until my SL sister brought out her child avatar that I decided to get a small shape and we just goofed off on a playground that I thought I could see why some honest to good intention people might enjoy this. It’s freeing and it lets you be playful without feeling so much like an adult. While I don’t role-play her with anyone outside of those persons who know me and are on my list of friends (very small number), and it’s usually for fun and a laugh. I must admit it’s fun dressing her up and doing pictures with her.. she’s that impish child I was at that age or perhaps even that child I never had. Thanks for your kindness always Cao.. hugs. 🙂

      1. spunknbrains

        By the way.. yes, there are pet avatars as well. It’s not a side of Secondlife I know, but I do know they exist. 🙂

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