Whose lifting who?

Strongman 019

It’s very rare that I will feel hungry in the morning.  I try to at least eat something minimal and it’s usually a piece of fruit if nothing else.  Today I wanted something more and didn’t have the time to really make something so I decided to go through a drive-through of a popular fast food chain for a breakfast sandwich.  They were out of the muffin bread of the sandwich I chose and straws.  I am hoping it’s not indicative of how the rest of my day goes as today I’m playing nice with all of my four bosses.

I don’t know where I was going with this picture when I started to open and put down items received when I randomly played machines in this round of TAG! Gacha.  There were only a handful of stores that I really wanted to play and the others I played at random once or not at all.  I find this event to be like a little mini arcade except you go to each store to hit the machines.  Though what I truly like about this event is the HUD system that you can spin to get to the next destination.  It made going around to each store so much easier.

One of the rare items, not shown here, that I played for is actually all items for men.  Everything except the weights reminded me of those wrestler shows that my brothers used to watch when we were growing up. I think somewhere in a box of old pictures I have an autographed photo of some wrestler from a non-sporting event that I attended.  It’s been so long ago that I can’t remember exactly when or the name of the wrestler right now.  I do have a vague recollection of the picture itself as the wrestler is in jeans with no shirt and flexing his big muscles.

Have a great Tuesday!

Miss Mabel V3 {Mystery Rare} – Lamb  for TAG! Gacha
Red Corset Outfit, Pauldrons Red & Choker Black – Enfant Terrible for TAG! Gacha

Male Avatar ~
Strongman Suit Gray Strip, Black Harness, Gold Bracers, Black Boots & Vintage Barbells Blue – Shai for TAG! Gacha
Knife Throwing, Zantor  – DRD for TAG! Gacha
Fortune Set – ISON for TAG! Gacha
Carnival Caravan Rare, Sideshow Sign, Hanging Cloth, Travelers Box – Apt B  for TAG! Gacha
Levitation Table & Astrology Painting – Kalopsia for TAG! Gacha
Strongman Kettlebell Red & Blue, Ten Ton Lead Weight, Plaque & Stage with Poses Rare, Vintage Barbells Red – Shai for TAG! Gacha
Grass – Fanatik Architecture  {Group Gift}Pose:
Upside Down Pose by Migan Forder (Modified with Animare HUD)
Website: TAG! Gacha

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