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Jian 056

This is a bit of a long post, though somewhat very therapeutic for me as this was not one of my best weeks and ended yesterday in not a very pleasant way. Though today is a new day and I look forward to just relaxing this whole weekend.

There is a new store called Jian coming to the grid, even though the creator behind it is not new and many know her work as a mesh artist under the brand of Dsyfunctional Designs.  The sister store will be on the same sim as Dysfunctional and while it is now open to the public it will have its grand opening on June 1st.  The creator has already made good on her renewed commitment to bring high quality mesh goods with low impact in geometry, textures and script time with their items at the Home Show 2015.

The first item that I want to mention is the ash trees.  The new system that Jian is utilizing works exclusively with their products and Jian foliage.  It’s such an easy system.  You rezz your trees and attach the HUD and click it.  There will be several options that you will be able to choose to work with the products… by season (spring, summer, autumn and winter), product or individual items.  The last is quite handy when you want to individualize and give it that personal touch by changing each tree with its own season, the leaves and bark.  I have a mixture of the spring, summer and autumn trees in this picture.

The next item is the bird bath that also can be customized with a texture choice menu that has 12 textures for you to choose from.

Jian 057

The last item that I want to point out is the hanging lanterns that too can be customized by just clicking on them.  You will be able to change the texture as well as make a choice for the lights being on, off or set to day cycle based on the sim daylight settings.

As always with script items, make sure you work with a copy and keep a spare in your inventory in case something goes haywire.  Then when you’re all done getting it exactly how you want it then you have the option to also delete the script so that it can reduce potential lag that scripts sometimes can create.  I know that whenever I have landscaped with lots of greenery, grass always seems to create lag for me and I have to make sure and delete scripts once I get everything looking exactly as I like.

The remaining items being shown are from various creators that participated in the just finished round of TAG! Gacha.  I don’t know if the machines will be available at the stores now that the event is over, but if they are and you get a mystery coupon you will not be able to claim those as that redemption location is now closed.

*Ash Trees – Jian  @ Home Show 2015
*Yusri Bird Bath – Jian @ Home Show 2015
*Vintera Hanging Lanterns – Jian @ Home Show 2015
Knife Throwing Set, Air Balloon {secret rare}, Welcome Sign, Zantor – DRD {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Fortunes Teller Divinatory Table, Panel, Crystal Ball, String Light & Wagon (Mystery), Gypsy Rugs – Milk Motion  {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Curtain Kit 3, Rug Set 2, Pillow Set 1 & Pillow Set 3, Fortune Set, Fortune Tent, Fortune Teller Table, Wooden Chest (dark) – Ison {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Medium Sign, Levitation Table, Astrology Painting, Tree of Life Rug, Tarot Cards – Kalopsia {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Carnival Picture Machine, Carnival Ticket Booth – Apt B {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Just Like A Circus Hula Hoops & Jugglings PIns – Exposeur  {just passed TAG! Gacha}
Storage Bench & Elephant Pull Toy – Lark  {just passed TAG! Gacha}

*Review copy.

The social media for Jian can be found at the following links:
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/jiansl
Flickr:          https://www.flickr.com/groups/2818184@N21/
Plurk:           http://www.plurk.com/kaliafirelyte
Website:      http://www.jiansl.co/ (coming soon!)

Their public update group can be joined by copying and pasting the following link into local chat, then clicking on it.

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