[MeshedUp] @ Home Show 2015

MeshedUp 004

As you can see there is lots of variety when it comes to the choices you have for home decor.  If you are more into a Vintage style then [MeshedUp] has created a living room set for the Home Show that consists of the couch, the chair next to it, the top rug and the wall decor in front of it.  I mixed this decor with other pieces that have been previously released by the creator along with a few items that I found at the Creators Collection Box event and a few pieces from Dysfunctional Designs.

Happy Shopping days.

*Vintage Candles, Wall & Frame Decor, Coffee Table, Carpet, Couch & Chair – [MeshedUp] @ Home Show 2015
*Chair Brown Rare, Chair Red Rare, Carpet C Common & Gor Map Common – [MeshedUp] {just passed Gorean Gacha}
Akebia Lamps – Caco’s Greenhouse @ Creators Collectors Box
Akebia Basket (dark & natural) – Caco’s Greenhouse @ Creators Collection Box
Vintage Hall Bench – [MeshedUp] 
Tailoring Shop Dress Form  & Stand of Rolls – Dysfunctional Designs/[DDD]
Neva Chapel – Scarlet Creative @ Shiny Shabby

*Review copy.

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