We’re not broken ~ just adrift.

Broken 008
When I was trying out the animations on this broken chair and came to this one pose the scene immediately developed for me.   I figured a couple of trees and driftwood for the background would be simple enough as the focus would be the chair.  I fixed the picture and then gave some thought to a title and the obvious choice would be broken and then as I saw the driftwood just floating there adrift the title came to me.  I’m not broken, I’m just adrift right now.

The statement resounded in me and I thought that’s how I feel these days.  A little like just going through the motions and a bit scattered and not completely focused.  Not broken.. just adrift at the moment.  No. I’m not caught up in fantasy.  Far from it.  Reality smacks me too quickly these days to get myself too caught up in any type of fantasy.  It’s almost that feeling of being at a fork in the road in your life.  Maybe feeling a little stuck and on hold and yet having that feeling like I’m on the verge or cusp of or needing to make a turn.   Life hasn’t been boring lately that’s for sure.

Speaking of being a bit scattered.  I was leaving the house and was in my car when I suddenly realized that I had to have returned the rental vehicle two hours earlier.  Yikes.  I quickly called to have them extend the vehicle for another week as I’m leaving out of town tomorrow and won’t be back until the end of the week and I just don’t have time to exchange it.  It had completely slipped my mind and so with that said I have decided not to take a laptop with me while I’m away.

I think that I need to disconnect for a while.  It’s very rare that I will leave town and activate that automatic “I’m out of the office” message, but I think for once I am going to use it without hesitation.

This will be my last post until next week, so I wish everyone a fabulous week!

Hair – Tukinowaguma – Georgina
Lids – Slink – Mesh Eyelids
Headpiece – Gizza – Tiara Floral Black @ The Chapter Four {Gacha}
Dress & Jewelry – Gizza – Scarlett Dress [Floral] @ The Chapter Four

Nebel/Fog Blue Mesh – Sweet Revolutions
Ripple Oil – {anc} @ Collabor88
Broken Chair – {anc} @ Collabor88
Birch Trees – Fiddler’s Green
Delilah Decorative Birch Trio – [ARIA] {part of Delilah set}

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