Distance means so little.

Us 0312

I can’t even begin to express my love, respect and appreciation for this man. He continues to show me time after time that when it matters the most he is always present.  There is really truth in the saying that distance really means so little when two people connect and care for one another.

Gracias por tu amistad y cariño mi imposible Italiano.

This past week has brought some change into my life and I’ve no idea at present how and when things will start to level out again.  As mentioned before I may go days without blogging, but will try and post here and there.  The other day I was a bit restless and began to play with the blog and on the spur of the moment I decided to change the name of my blog and the URL without really considering some of the impact. Like how this would affect my current following.   There is still much for me to figure out, but hopefully will work them through in the next few weeks.

No credits today, though some of my recent past posts has all these items or just ask me and I can give you any information.


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