Looking beyond what was in front.

LB 027

I didn’t feel that I gave these olive trees a proper showing the other day with the picture I took being misty and foggy that it hid the texture and look of the trees.  Plus I wanted to show the other version of the tree that includes the hanging leave wreaths.

I’m in one of these fussy periods that I can’t seem to settle on anything that I put together.  That kind of moment when everything you try on just isn’t right or you decorate a whole room and then don’t like it and you tear it all down. It was that feeling of restlessness that lead me to do something differently when I was in-world last night.  Instead of the usual organizing some picture for a future blog post I hit the music scene on the grid.  I am not sure if that made the mood even worse.

How oddly it felt to be surrounded by other people and feeling almost like I didn’t belong in that scene.  You may wonder what about when I shop at events.  I confess to taking advantage of that trick of derender everyone on radar so that I can move around a bit easier.  I’m prone to get into my invisible alpha and then cam once I figure out the layout.   I hopped around a bit trying to find music that would entice me enough to stay, but after not finding much comfort there I ended up logging and going to bed.   It’s made me reflect how out of touch it felt and whether I have isolated myself so much with just doing nothing other than blogging and having the occasional odd chats here and there with my SL family that going out to socialize now feels odd.  I’m hoping it’s just a passing moment caused by the stress factors outside of this platform.

Hair – Olive – The Sweetpea Hair @ The Arcade
Green Headband – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Bra – FDD Stories – Deidra Bra Rare @ The Secret Affair
Corset – FDD Stories – Deidra Corset UltraRare @ The Secret Affair

Olive Tree {with leaves bands} & Olive Tree – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Fluffy Grass V1 – Garden of Dreams
Doberman Standing – Just Animals

Pose: Hera Set by Kirin

*Review copy.

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