Mediterranean Feast

Jian 029

Looking for a meal to serve your family and friends, then feast your eyes on these Mediterranean dishes by Jian for the Multicultural Menu event that runs until June 21st.  It is a nine piece set that includes classic Mediterranean flavors like seafood paella, cream catalana and sangria to name a few.  Every piece is only 1 land impact and each item allows you the option to select the color for the dining ware so you can decor to your style.  If that weren’t enough, you can grab this set for only $165 during the event.

Check out the details below and if you want to see more food from the event, visit the web site listed below the credits.

*Mediterranean Feast – Jian @ Multicultural Menu Event
Claryon Curtain Cream – The Loft
Raffles Blue Oriental Arrangement – Patron
The Mediterranean Plant – Tartessos Arts
Floria Dining Table, Chairs & Cabinet – Bazar
Plan Chest, Verdant Oil Painting, Nouveau Screen & Decorative Artichoke – Apple Fall

Website: Multicultural Menu Event 

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