The time is now.

Aria 0062

Participating in the upcoming LTD Event that opens on June 10 with a new modular minimalist styled living set is [ARIA].  The set comes with two seating sections, a table piece, a light and assorted plants.  The total land impact for the set is only 27 and will be available in PG and Adult versions and with texture change options for both the table and the seating.

*Peridot Living Mini Set – [ARIA] @ LTD Event  ***Opens June 10th***
Safari! Ball Decoration – GA Home
Olivine Vase (white) & Olivine Drawer (white) – GA Home
Milestone Set – Window & Curtain – .:UR:.
Taylor Rug Greige – The Loft
Floor Clock – Junk @ The Arcade
Safari! Table Lamp (black) – GA Home
Stockholm Painting 1 & 2 – Bazar
Amore Bust & Amore Loveletters – NOMAD @ The Arcade

*Review copy.

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