Peaceful corner in the garden

Beaumont 009

The neighborhood is back in action with some more home and garden stuff for you.   Jian has made a new gazebo that compliments two of its previously released sets with the same name.  The Beaumont gazebo has six texture options for both the structure and the roof.  It comes ready with single sitting animations and five couple cuddle animations.  For this weekend only you can purchase it for only 150 lindens, otherwise, after the weekend it will increase in price.   One of the previous sets is the Beaumont brick fence set pictured here that comes with texture change options for all the fence pieces.  The other set is the brick path that I previously blogged.

I’m always on the search for a good windlight as lighting is not my forte, so I was excited when the owner of Olive recently shared her collection of windlights that she has made over the last few years.  I am using the blue haze one, though modded it to make it lighter without completely losing the blue haze.  I just wanted to make sure that you could still see the quality of the texture of the gazebo and fence.

*Beaumont Gazebo – Jian for ***The Neighborhood***
*Beaumont Fence Set – Jian
Taradha Lights – Jian
*Field of Poppies {round} (colors violet, fushia, orange & yellow) – Little Branch @ LTD Event
Garden Tree 07 – Happy Mood
Real Grass *Green Meadown* white Flower – KIDD Creation
Piu! (bohemian) – *ionic*

*Review copy.

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