Curiouser & Curiouser

Little Bird 018

“I have a desire for you today”
You were a passing bird
and I don´t know why
I got used to you
everyday more
we both invented
the adventure of love
you filled my life
and then I saw you go…
~ beginning lyrics translated from song “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti

I’m a bit out of breath now.  You guessed it.  It’s this very tight corset I am wearing.

You can have a skinny waist too by going and grabbing your very own corset by MoDANNA at the anyBODY event that runs until June 30th.  I’m wearing the red version, though you can find the black corset with several different lining colors at the event.

The diamond shaped tattoo I am wearing is by Things and it is available at the Alice in Sexyland Event.  The word “curiouser & curiouser” inside the diamond shape is a line in the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland book that now is considered one of the more famous verses from the story.   Aside from the diamond shape tattoo you will also find tattoos in the other suits from the deck of playing cards with each having its own phrase from Alice’s adventures.

Lastly, I am wearing another of the fabulous collars that (epia) made for the June round of the arcade.  I think the heart pendant with the gold chain that circles the collar gives it a fashionable and much softer sexier look.

Hair – DeLa – Mesh Hair Valerie
*Collar – (epia) – Heart Pendant Collar (red) @ The Arcade  **until June 3oth**
*Tattoo – Things – Alice Diamonds Tattoo @ Alice in Sexyland  **until June 26th**
*Corset – MoDANNA – [Tenebre Collection] Skinny Waist Corset Red @ anyBODY  **until June 3oth**

Attic Skybox Rare – Junk @ The Arcade  **until June 30th**
Bird Art – Junk @ The Arcade  {modded with own picture}  **until June 3oth**
Mesh American Robin Bird – Fantasy China

Pose – The Wall 43 by DeePosed

*Review copy.

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