Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers Day 002

Wishing all men who are fathers, whether it be biological, stepfathers or spiritual fathers a fantastic day.  Happy Father’s Day!

Aphrodite came out with some wonderful gifts to honor that father in your Second Life.  While I am only showing the luxury 50 years whiskey set and the golden whiskey and truffles tray, there are quite a few other selections for you to choose from.  I included the link to the marketplace and to flickr at the bottom of the credits so that you can take a look at the other items available for this Father’s Day.

I am also showing a new dining set by Kuro that is available at the new round of Shiny Shabby.  The dining set has several place settings (dining set, meal, soup and finished) along with the table and chairs that have ten single animations.  To complete the look there is a decor set that is also available.  Now if you happen to enjoy and want a little more…  lets say spice in your life.  There is a swingers version that comes with dining, cuddles and naughty animations for couples and swinger couples.

*Luxury 50 Years Whiskey – Aphrodite Shops
*Golden Whiskey & Truffles Tray – Aphrodite Shops
*Bacon Wrapped Cinnamon Roll Platter – Aphrodite Shops
*Zee Dining Set – Kuro @ Shiny Shabby
{Set includes plate settings and unlinked table and chair}
*Zee Table Decor – Kuro @ Shiny Shabby
{Set includes vase decor, cappuccino & newspaper}
*Room 143 – The [Den.] @ The Men’s Department {previously blogged}
Venetian Oil in Gilt Frame – Apple Fall
Horse Bust Fragment – Apple Fall
Venetian Tapestry – Apple Fall
Display Cabinet *TMD Edition – Abiss Design {Modified/Stretched}
Classic Kommode *TMD Edition – Abiss Design
Fiber Rug – Apple Fall
Bronze Pottery Bowl – La Galleria {In-store Gift}
Trojan Horse Fragment – Apple Fall

*Review copy

Aphrodite: Flickr
Aphrodite: Marketplace

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