Roots to remind you where you’re from

Do you know where you come from 012-3

Doing a quick post to show you this family tree decor item that Dysfunctional Designs has created for today’s Fifty Linden Friday. The top I’m wearing is also out for today’s special pricing of fifty lindens.

I’ve always been fascinated with our family history and always enjoy hearing the stories told by my grandmother or other older members of the family.  It’s on my father’s side of the family where it gets a little sketchy as most of the older generation are long gone.  I’ve been wanting to do that ancestry DNA testing to get a glimpse of the ethnic mix in our family and hopefully gather more details on our family history.  Has anyone ever done this testing?  I’d be curious to know.

Hair – Bens Hair Style- Rebecca @ Fi*Friday
Top – Pixi Cat – Alchemy Top for ***Fifty Linden Friday***
Pants – Villena – Chinos in Creme

*Family Tree – Dysfunctional Designs for ***Fifty Linden Friday ***
Garden Tree 08 & Tree Roots – Happy Mood
Puffy Grass [brown] & [green] – *alirium*
Pose: Estelle Set by DS’ELLES Shop

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