The welcoming entrance

Aria 016

I don’t have the space for a proper foyer in my real life home as the front door opens right into the living room and just to the left of my entrance is a storage closet to hang coats and other items you want hidden.  Though I’ve always loved the idea of an entry hallway that leads you into other rooms.  In that entry way this Veronica foyer set by [ARIA] that consists of the console table that gives you a few choices on the wood, decorative mirror, plant and the round pouf that also comes with several choices in texture for the fabric would be the perfect thing to put there.   You can find this set at the SOU by event, which is celebrating its first anniversary and will be open until July 25th.  So you have plenty of time to grab this and other great finds at a discount.

*Veronica Foyer Set – [ARIA] @ SOU by
{Console Table, Decorative Mirror, Potted Narcissus Papyraceus & Round Pouf}
Brooklyn Carriage House – Trompe Loeil
Rug, Leather Mocccasins, Monogram Suitcases & Plant (Exotic) – Apple Fall
Peggy’s Pony – Vagabond
Straw Hat – {amiable} {1500 member group gift}
Arch Lamp – Junk

*Review copy

4 thoughts on “The welcoming entrance

  1. Foyer’s can be grand and sweeping and in other homes seem to be where all the clutter is piled before you actually enter the house. In today’s market it seems the square footage of the foyer has been sacrificed and we only see those grand entrances in older homes. Right now, I’m longing for an old fashioned porch which of course would look ridiculous on the front of our brick home.

    1. Older homes really had character. Those old fashioned porches are almost a thing of the past too. I love brick homes, but you don’t find too many here in my part of Florida as it’s more concrete stucco homes. Hope you’re recovering well Sheri.

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