Yummy treats

Treats 022

There is a new gacha event that just started called “The Epiphany” and it is a whole new concept to the way we know gachas presently.  From what I understand you will be able to exchange any duplicates you get for credits, which then can be redeemed towards exclusive items at the event that will no longer be sold after the event is over.  Or if you prefer you can just continue to sell and trade as usual.   I encourage you to visit the “The Epiphany” website to learn more about this new concept in gacha.

Today I’m showing some of the goodies you can find at this event.  I was salivating at the mouth when I saw these scrumptious looking baked goods that Jian made for The Epiphany event.  I list all the desserts in credits, but I do want to point out a few things.   The big rainbow cake called Cyborgicorn is the exclusive item you can get with credit if you exchange all those unwanted commons.  The other big cake is called the Derpicorn is the rare item that comes with a texture change option to change the color of the cake.  I love that feature!

The other neat thing about these desserts is that on touch it gives you the piece of cake, cupcake or cookie to attach as opposed to going into your inventory.

*Derp Desserts: Cyborgicorn Cake, Catface Cupcakes (colorful), Rainbow Llama Cookies, Derpicorn Cake, Deal with Cupcakes, Da Bomb Cupcakes – Jian @ The Ephiphany
Soiree… Pastel/Balloons, Blue/Cream Balloons, Tables, Curtain Backdrop – Tres Blah {from Dec. 2014 Arcade}

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