I just know this is for me, I think

I think this is mine 0152

When I was a child me and my siblings used to love when my paternal grandmother would visit because often times she would bring with her those big vintage trunks full of stuff for us.  The trunks would contain some gift for my dad, little knickknacks for my mom and clothes and toys for us. Even when she wasn’t visiting she would always send us these big packages in the mail that always included something for us.  We loved her surprises.

These new mailboxes by BoOgErS were the kind we used to have when I was growing up and remind me of that long ago happy memory.  Speaking of these mail boxes, they are no ordinary kind.  The mail boxes and gate make sounds when you click to open them, giving you or anyone who touches them a little fun.  They are currently available at the new round of Shiny Shabby that just started so you have plenty of time to go grab your own.

I didn’t do these shrubs very much justice in the picture today, though will plan on featuring them again soon.  They are a new item by Jian and come in sizes small to tall and also a hedge, including their hud system of being able to change the season.  You can find them at the main store.

A while back Dust Bunny had a fabulous sale at their store, where everything was basically just fifty lindens.  I was familiar with the store from the various gachas they participated in, though rarely if at all gone to the main store.  I instantly fell in love with these gable townhouses, because they also brought a long ago memory to mind of the “Rainbow Row” of historic houses in Charleston, South Carolina.  If you haven’t been it’s a great city to visit, and this is just one of the main tourist attractions to visit.

It’s time to go open my package!

Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair *148* Jet Black
Complete Outfit – {Petite Bowtique} – Bryn Shortalls Red

*Picket Fence & Metal Mailboxes – BoOgErS @ Shiny Shabby
The Gable Townhouses – Dust Bunny
*Boxwood Shrubs – Jian
Real Grass *Green Meadow* White Flowers – KIDD Creation
Wild Flowers – [We’re Closed]
Flower Buckets {From June 2015 Arcade} – Junk
Fan Mail Stack – Plethora
Assorted Mail – Sari-Sari
Basset Hound – Just Animals
Wrapped Package (Pink) – Jumpin Jacks

Pose: Hanami by Kirin

*Review copy

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