Sometimes being with friends is all the therapy you need

Girls 051

It’s not often that I get to spend any time together in the same room with these two ladies that are friends and also part of my SL family.  While two of us share the same time zone and are in the same country the other is in another part of the world 14 hours time difference.

Though when we get an opportunity to hang together, it’s always a lovely time.  The conversation just flows and ranges from what we had for breakfast or dinner, the joys and struggles we may be experiencing in our lives to whatever event is going on in this world we inhabit in our down time.  It really doesn’t matter what we talk about ~ it’s just an opportunity to connect with people with common interests who care for one another.

Aphrodite made it possible to share in this moment together with their summer pool party items currently available at the Cosmopolitan Event.  The inflatable floater sits up to six people and has 1o sits for each sit.  You get a few color choices for the floater with just a click that brings up the menu.  It also includes the inflatable floating drinks cooler that comes in four options: soda, juices, booze or beer.

Next, are the beach tropic decor items by [CIRCA] now available at the main store. The lounger set has two chairs that come with 10 animations each and is perfect for around the pool or just outdoors to enjoy the last rays of summer.  Not shown is a small table with tropical drinks.  I like the palm motif decor, and would work wonders indoors as well when you want to bring the sunshine inside.

Hair – Argrace – Hikari
Beach Basics Bikini – Luas

*”Summer Pool Party” – Aphrodite Shops @ The Cosmopolitan Event
{Floater, Beers Drink Cooler and Sodas Drink Cooler}
Mediterranean Palm Tree – Kidd Creation
Crooked Palms – NT {store closed}
Sculpt Palm Tree x3 Type 2 – SimPro Designs
Floored Towel 2 & Stacked Towels – Surge
*”Beach Tropic” Miami Palms Motif Decor – [CIRCA]
*”Beach Tropic” Lounger Set – [CIRCA]
*”Beach Tropic” Sun Lotion & Mag Decor – [CIRCA]
Tropical Palm Plant v.5 Full Perm – Leika Meili
Splash Pool – Apple Fall
Headphone Skull Gold – Swallow
Sunscreen Tube – {what next}
*”Seaward” Beach Ball Multi – [CIRCA]

*Review copy

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