Comical Sin City

cartoon 069

A fellow blogger wrote in her recent post that one of her favorite things of being a virtual reality interior designer is that it allowed her to travel to all corners of the globe without leaving her home.  I really liked that statement as it rings true on many fronts.  Check out her blog Hidden Gems in SL.

How about transporting yourself to a comic book city?  Switching from being a human avatar to being a poppet doll in mere seconds.  The endless possibilities is part of the reasons that keeps many of us continually fascinated.

Cartoon 072

I’m showing the newest set from unKindness, which is now available at the Festival of Sins II Event.  The sin city comic gacha has 1 rare and 9 commons with building pieces varying in impact from 1 to 60.  They all have full physics allowing you to climb all over and even hide in the buildings.  You can find it in the GREED section of the event.

The set reminded me of these poppet  dolls from Wishbringer, which were gacha items purchased at the Fantasy Fair this year.  I thought they were perfect for this city.

*Sin City Gacha – unKindness @ Festival of Sins II Event {open until September 5th}
Poppet Avatars: PoppeLina Blonde & PoppeLina Black – Kyra Reiter/Wishbringer

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