You still drive me batty

Aphrodite -unKindness 002

Well it looks like this month is pretty much over now and with it many events are coming to an end.  This also means soon there is an onslaught of new events about to embark and it being October… it also brings Halloween.

Aphrodite Shops has an abundance of items at their Halloween Market if you are into decorating for this occasion.  The animated ghoulish mirror and the scary stories book are just a couple of items you can find.

Then unKindness has a charmed parlor set available currently at Collabor88, that includes the candles, burner, fireplace, mirror and throne chairs.  The latter three items have six color options.  The hanging bats and single bat that can be worn as well is from Dysfunctional Designs.

As always details all found below.

*Charmed Parlor Set – unKindness @ Collabor88 {until October 6th}
*Halloween Ghoulish Mirror-Tells An Horror Story – Aphrodite Shops
*The Witching Hour Scary Stories Book – Aphrodite Shops
*Gothic Haunted Table – Aphrodite Shops
*Hanging Bats Array – Dysfunctional Designs
*Mr. Bat Friend – Dysfunctional Designs
{Mirror, Fireplace, Rug, Throne, Planchette Burner & Candles}
Black Cat Green Eyes – Tidbits
Halloween Witch Hat – G Field {past store gift}
Webs – Starmark Creations
Stratford Industrial Loft – Eli Bailey

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