Every space reminds me of you in some way

“So I wait for you like a lonely house, till you will see me again and live in me. Till then my windows ache.” ~ P. Neruda

Aria 002

I really planned to get this post done last night except I couldn’t get organized or focused enough to put my words together.  Today isn’t any better as I’m feeling a bit scattered and my mind is racing.

Life gets interesting like that sometimes.   I’m sure that I’m not the only one whose had days like this.

Today I’m featuring a few things and the first is this lounge set by [ARIA], that is currently at the newest round of FaMESHed.  The Libera set comes with two lounge chairs with texture change options for the fabric and wood and the other for the cushion and throw as well.  The table also has texture change option and the flower too.  It’s a nice set for a corner or for use with just individual pieces.

The other items that I am featuring are from [CIRCA], which are the Berry Mix Autumn wreath.  I like hanging wreaths in the home, especially during the holidays. To me it gives a feeling of warmth and brings that festive feeling into the home.  The area rugs are also from the same designer.  The beige is from the “Into the Forest” set that [CIRCA] has for the Autumn season and the rust is part of the “Harmony” set, that is a gift at the store for $1 linden.  I’ll be showing some more great Autumn stuff from this store in the next days.

The rest of the items are not new just well liked stuff that I keep in my inventory. Considering my inventory is once again bulging I kind of like a lot of things!

I’m working on it.  I am.  Soon.  Maybe.

*Libera Lounge Set – [ARIA] @ FaMESHed
*”Into the Forest” Autumn Wreath – Berry Mix – [CIRCA]
*”Into the Forest” Area Rug – Ribbed Beige – [CIRCA]
*”Harmony” Retro Maze Area Rug Rust – [CIRCA]
Windows – .:UR:.
Traveler: Diary, Plant 1, Photo Frames 1 & 3 & Roman Amphora – Bazar
Floria: Opened Book & Broken Head Sculpture – Bazar
Plant – {modded from other plants}
Butterfly Bell Jar – +Half-Deer+
Plan Chest – Apple Fall
Verd Oil Painting – Apple Fall
Atelier Pendant Lamp – Apple Fall
Leather Moccasins – Apple Fall
White Birch Cluster – Little Branch @ FaMESHed
Itchy Grass [Brown] – *alirium*

*Review copy


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