When all else fails take a nap


*Aurelia Bedroom Set – Jian @ The Season’s Story
{Bed, Chest, Dog Bed, Night Stand, Leaf Decor & Mirror}
Mesh Blinds Narrow – LISP
Snuggle Up Rug – Apt B
Fall Harvest-Los Art – Pixel Mode
Brown Pug – Bio Breeds
[Terre Automne] Baby Breath Vase – Ariskea
Stratford Industrial Loft – Eli Bailey

2 thoughts on “When all else fails take a nap

  1. Yesterday I took a nap and it was wonderful. It seemed like pure luxury. I love the room that makes up your header but then I’m a romantic at heart [what can I say]. I want peaceful colors and a throwback to touches of lace, fresh flowers and bits of whimsy here and there. Take care and grab that nap whenever the mood hits. We never know when the next one might come along.

    1. Hey Sheri, good to hear from you! I’m glad to hear you’re taking such a small thing as a nap, because you’re right it is a luxury. By the way, your last post was so powerful and touched a cord in me as most of them do. Thank you once again for what you do. Hugs

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