Her heart was like a secret garden, and the walls were getting higher

“Sometimes what we learn and who we become in the process of waiting is even more important than what we’re waiting for.”

Secret Garden 006

I’m going to get a little personal in this blog post, because occasionally a picture that I take is reflective of the mood that I am in.   I was sitting there last evening on this pose and realized it fit the inner struggles I was having.  I won’t get into the reasons for it, other than there are changes occurring in my life that are taking me out of my comfort zone and are leaving me in a period of uncertainty at the moment.  I won’t bemoan the changes… as I know that in a few years I will probably be seeing them as a blessing rather than what they seem to be now.

There is definitely some truth to the following… “there comes a point in your life when you realize what and who matters, what and who never did, what and who won’t anymore, and what and who always will.” In the end you learn what and who was fake or true.

Though luckily I was also able to use the time I was sitting there contemplating constructively by wearing some stuff that is available at the Trick or Treat event that opens in a few hours.

Specifically, referring to the skin I’m using by Zoul Creations and the socks by FDD, which are available in different colors.

*Skin – Zoul Creations – Becca Fairy @ Trick or Treat
Hair – Mina – Yenna
Top – Villena – Denim Shirt Classic
*Socks – FDD – Socks Maitreya Fitted @ Trick or Treat

Juniper Garden Table & Chairs – Vespertine
Summer Picnic . Deli Sandwiches – Dust Bunny .
Elderflower Cordial – Apple Fall dust bunny
Some Snail Mail – Pixelwear
Stack of Mail Prop (part of a post) –  {what next}
Assorted Mail – Sari-Sari
Woodland Weed – Two Moon Gardens
Nanohana – *alirium*

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