If the dogs don’t like you, neither will I

Jian 0025

These cute Pomeranians puffballs are Jian’s creation for this round of The Gacha Garden.  I have most of the set here, except the ones that are bundled up with with winter hats and scarfs.  While I have them out to show you, most of them minus the wagon and sleeping puff, are attachable so that they walk or run along side of you.

Make sure you check out the web site for the The Gacha Garden.  This is a different kind of event, where every 20 plays of a machine gets you a special gift known as the Seed of Inspiration.  Jian’s is Duke Puffington Esq., not pictured, but is a dapper young puff that sports a bow tie, monocle and top hat.

Hair – Pr!tty – Loraine
Headpiece – Zenith – Gothic Headpiece (Gold)
Dress – Zenith – Spiked Dress (Rose)

*Puff Pups – Jian @ The Gacha Garden
-Black Sable Puff
-Chocolate Puff
-Sable Puff
-Black Puff
-Black & White Puff
-White Puff
-Puff Wagon Express Rare
-Brindle Puff
-Sleepy Puff Rare

Doberman Standing – Just Animals
Woodland Weed – Two Moon Gardens
Reclaimed Wood Bench – Striped Mocha
Summer in the Park – Pigeon Lady 2 – [Consignment]
Grand Bi w/ Lights – Kalopsia

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