California dreams

It’s becoming an increasingly frightening world we live in.   My heart goes out to France in thoughts and prayers.

Kuro 09

I meant to post this last night, but I was beyond tired and went to bed around 9:45 pm and that is early for me.  I think having spent most of the day in the emergency room with my sister the day before was exhausting and stressful and while I was tempted to fight the sleepiness I gave in.

Today I am showing the California set by Kuro that is out at the 6th Republic event. The bed is available in both adult and pg. The set also includes the lamp, pillows, rug and trunk as decor items.  Another item by Kuro is the chopping board with a cup of tea and snack.  The perfect thing for that quiet moment.  It is available at the Liaison Collaborative event.

The last thing I want to point is the coffee table that I modded for a nightstand. These were coffee tables that LISP had for Fifty Linden Friday this week.

*Cali Set – Kuro @ 6th Republic
-Cali Bed
-Cali Lamp
-Cali Pillows
-Cali Rug
-Cali Trunk 

*Quiet Moment – Kuro @ The Liaison Collaborative

Charlie Coffee Table Teak – LISP {modded}
California VW Retro Bus, Motel Sign, Poster 03, Surf Boards – Bazar @ 6th Republic
Delilah Curtains – [ARIA] {part of an exclusive set not


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