Fly away with me


I was sitting in-world while doing the usual googling and reading news, emails and blogs when a dream I had several days ago came to mind and prompted this picture.  You see the dream left me puzzled, which is probably why it’s coming to mind now plus the fact I’m having some bad days lately.

It wasn’t a bad dream or anything, it was simply one of me flying. I can’t begin to tell you the number of dreams I’ve had of being on a bus or inside a school or shower and bathroom dreams.  Over the years I came to understand how dreams were speaking to me and learned to give them my own interpretation.

These days I rarely give them any thought beyond having a brief moment of recollection upon waking up.  This one was different, because in all my years of having dreams I cannot recall ever once dreaming of flying and flying dreams are quite common.  I think what makes it even more puzzling and sticks out in my memory is that as the dream changed into something else I was dreaming of my father.

Looking up dreams of flying the interpretations vary across the board, but they all have a particular theme that flying dreams are usually positive.  As they represent a desire to be free, or rising above a situation, a person or a conflict, which is applicable to a few situations in my life right now. The negative side is if you’re running into things then it can represent obstacles to being free.  I wasn’t bumping into things, it was more that I was looking for something to bump into to bring me back down as I continued to climb.

I don’t feel very in tune with myself these days to give it my own interpretation, but I like the interpretation that the bad cloud is lifting and that perhaps I’m about to get freedom from something, someone or just troubles in general.

Thanks for listening!

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