It’s the season for baking and having fun

Showing more bears today — the baking ones from Boogers coming to the Arcade in just a few more days.   Plus lil me is wearing this cute reindeer costume from Heirloom Treasures at the upcoming new round of All the Little Things.

Bears 003

I’m a bit tired today from pushing myself a little hard yesterday by walking two miles straight without stopping.  It probably didn’t help that I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning reconnecting with an old friend.  It’s kind of funny that when you least expect it you have one of those days where everything just flows and you just feel things are changing.  Maybe it’s only because I’m coming out of the box I’ve been in for so long.  I don’t know other than its starting to feel different and it feels good.

I also had an amusing time yesterday by going into InWorldz for an hour or so and what an interesting experience. The last time I logged in was when I registered a name there over two years ago and so upon entering I landed at their welcome center.  There was a group of people there that were just the most friendliest I have ever experienced in a long time.  Most of the individuals, all except one, were dressed in what I remember from my early start of second life.

This one guy had skin that was modern second life and was dressed in clothes that was either mesh or just extremely good quality.  We ended up striking a conversation and he shared his perception of the differences of both virtual worlds. He was a previous builder in this world and that explained his skin as he made it and imported into that world.  I think the most interesting observation was his remarks of how less toxic people were there compared to here.

I think that is a personal experience depending on where and who you surround yourself with and the kind of person you are as well.  Maybe there’s some truth to that quote of being careful who you invite into your life, because you’re not only inviting them you’re inviting all their demons too.

Hair – [Love Soul] – Hair*113*
*Reindeer Costume – Heirlooms Treasures @ All the Little Things ***Coming December 1st***
*Christmas Cookies – p.o.s.e. kids @ All The Little Things  ***Coming December 1st***  {is from Xmas Pose}

*Cookie Jar Bear – *BoOgErS*@ The Arcade ***Coming December 1st***
*Grand Mother Bear – *BoOgErS*@ The Arcade ***Coming December 1st***
The Dreamers Cottage – Dust Bunny
Small Spaces Kitchen Sink Cabinet, Island Cabinet, Vintage Stove and End Cabinet – Dust Bunny
Granny’s Winter Cottage – Baking Set – 8f8
Granny’s Winter Cottage – Gingerbread Cookies Plain – 8f8
Kitchen Basics – Coffee Pot 1 – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Cookie Jars (Pink) – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Plates – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Shelf (Yellow) – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Scale (Cream) – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Preserves – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Full Shelf Rare – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Misc – Tres Blah
Kitchen Basics – Bakeware 1 – Tres Blah
Milk Case – Kalopsia {past FaMESHed gift}
Artist Stool\Wood – Follow US

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