Plant’er Right Here

Check out this new hair style by enVOGUE.  It’s rigged and fitted mesh and is available in a whopping 96 colors, plus root and ombre colors too.  There are 12 colors for the cap and is now available at the main store.   The earrings, which are called nightmare are by Le Morte and are available at this round of Totally Top Shelf.  Both the hair and earrings come with a texture change hud.


A friend asked me a question today that I’ll share.  It was this.  If you love someone and you are upset and angry, would you rather be with others or with that person you love?  For me it was a no-brainer, so I didn’t hesitate in saying the person that I love. I did add that if I’m angry and upset with the person I’m in love with — well then I might want to go off and be alone until I cool off.

Then we sort of had a brief discussion on what it really means when someone who professes to care for you does exactly that when they’re upset — spends time with others instead of you and while the explanation might seem plausible it has a ring of untruth in it.  Could it be their feelings are not really true? Playing games — I want to have my cake and eat it too syndrome?

For the record we are talking about relationships within the framework of Second Life that are supposed to be based on good intentions.  That of developing a relationship that involves real thoughts and feelings and going outside the realm of this platform. Mind you we didn’t really come up with an answer — just mindful that distortion can occur when you’re in a world built around fantasy.  Some people are just wired differently.  What do you think?

Speaking of I want to have my cake and it too.  I’m sure this probably happens to you men too.  I’m strictly saying it from some of my experiences lately, so here is my advice to some of you men in this virtual world.  It’s all nice and great when you want to compliment a woman on her looks or even something in her profile.  “I get it. You’re just being polite”.   My 22-year old niece would say, but Tia (aunt) they just can’t help themselves with my beauty and they have to speak it out.  I love her. She makes me laugh.

Though guys if you’re wondering why you may not get a response — perhaps you need to check your partner box and put your eyes back on the woman standing next to you or the one you’re dancing with.

I’ll confess that I don’t often look at the profile before I respond with a simple thank you and close the box.  Though what if that partnered someone tries to then engage you in a conversation beyond that?  Do you close the box once again and completely ignore? Or do you give them a piece of your mind?

I choose to go with the first option.  I just don’t have the desire or the willingness to engage even further.  What about you?

I’ll have to save my very favorite experience of the week for another day, because I’m late with my postings today.

*Hair – enVOGUE – Lynette
*Earrings – Le Morte – Nightmare Earrings @ Totally Top Shelf
Necklace – Izzie’s – Color Heart
Dress – e! – Trinity Sweater Dress (Store closed in-world only MP)

Pose: “Much Mistletoeing* Plant’er Right Here by Le Poppycock

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