Listen to the rain


The night before I had a trip down memory lane when I ran into someone that I met at a music venue back in 2011 the year I started in Second Life.  Over time the different time zones — west coast vs. east coast and life in general we lost touch along the way.  I teased him about not having changed much as he was still in the same skin and wearing different yet signature black sunglasses — even if back then he was the first male avatar that I thought had decent looking pixels.


That we meet up again at a music venue — well that too hasn’t changed as music was and is still one of his passions here.  Toto shares ownership of  Dinah Moez Diner, where they serve up aural delights most Saturday nights so go check it out on the weekends if you’re looking for some great live music entertainment.

As we were talking I remembered that he accompanied me on one of my exploration trips, which got me thinking if I had saved any of those pictures.  I really liked this sim for it’s walking trail that spanned the sim as seen in the first picture. It had lots of sheep and rain as you can see in the picture below, but for the life of me I cannot recall the name.


I wonder if it’s still around.  Having found the pictures it was fun fixing them up with the skills that I know today.

Check me out — I was a redhead back then.


I believe this song played on the sim.

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