The winter home

The winter home

I was going to do a regular blog post featuring some pixel food, except I had a bit of a headache this morning and couldn’t be bothered with doing the credits right then. In place of it I am showing my winter place.

Having wonderful memories of spending Christmas in the smoky mountains over the winter holidays sort of evoked that desire to create something similar. This small home is nothing compared to the two story cabin we stayed in nor does it have the wrap around porch with rocking chairs that I fondly recall. Though prim limitations wasn’t a consideration in that scenario.

013the homeps

For a short time I can enjoy the wondrous nature of being in the midst of a winter blizzard as the snow falls outside continuously.  Snuggled up on the sofa with… and a good book, enjoying the warmth of the crackling fire in the fireplace all the while wearing mittens and cozy socks and sipping hot cocoa of course.

Hope your winter place is just as cozy!

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