A hearty breakfast is always good to get you going

Stop w the Lecture 010

It’s not very often that I see my second life sister these days.  Catching her still up when I logged in yesterday morning was timely as I asked her to come an enjoy a virtual breakfast with me so that I could take a picture to blog.

She’s good like that. I told her it looked like she was giving me a lecture, which she would in a heartbeat if she thinks I’m misbehaving.

I thought we should finish eating, because that breakfast was too good to pass up.

*Sunday Breakfast Set – Jian @ Wayward Market
{Bagels, Eggs & Meats, Waffles, Pancakes, Milk & Glasses}
*Festive Potted Tree – Jian
Arizona Dining Table – Bazar
Arizona Dining Lamp – Bazar
Floria Kitchen – Bazar
Floria Kitchen Island – Bazar
Modern Fridge – Bazar
Recipe Book, Cooking Pot & Bread Box – Agora {part of kitchen set}
Chocolate Sponge Cake – DIGS {past Atelier Kreslo Festival}
Vintage Egg Basket – Floorplan

2 thoughts on “A hearty breakfast is always good to get you going

  1. purplebutterflylykin

    Lol why waste good breath on a lecture when waffles are on the menu?

    ALSO, as if you’d listen anyway 😛

    Was lovely to actually be able to spend some time with you sis, although I wasn’t thinking that this morning when my alarm went off.

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