WhItE ImPuRiTy

Behind the iron gates lies an invitation to experience the creative imagination of someone personally known to me that has often produced works of art to be appreciated for their beauty and emotional response.

It is suggested that you use the predawnmoon windlight to enhance and enjoy the creation.  I have used it and a few others for the pictures that I took.


Art is often known as a personal experience and how it is viewed differs from one person to another.  In the more common history of the philosophy of art the expressionist theory highlighted art as the means of portraying the emotions and individual feelings of the artist.  With the artwork being an expression or translation of those thoughts, feelings and emotions.

While there seems to be a certain theme that runs through each artistic composition that correlates as a whole. I will state that I have no knowledge of what the meaning is behind the work or the emphasis it might seem to imply. Only that the name chosen perhaps sheds a little light.  White being considered pure and impurity the opposite.  The scenes will speak differently to each person. My thoughts are solely based on how they each spoke to me personally and the emotion they evoked or the story that unfolded in my own imagination as I took in each area.


This is probably my favorite as it touched a deep chord in me as it resounded to what has taken place in my life this past year.  To understand it from my perspective you must know that symbolism has played a large part in my life, especially in dreams.  Here you have a vehicle that has gone past the gate, considered a passage, threshold or in other cases seen as going through one period of life to another. The vehicle another symbolic piece that is often seen as one’s life when they appear in dreams.  Inside the car is household items, depicting to me one’s life possessions or what one holds dear.  Then you come up against a stumbling block (concrete) caused by a force of nature (sculpture behind) that is beyond your control and has stopped you right in your tracks. Demonstrated through the dead end sign that you see from the other side in the first picture.

It was a bit uncanny that this scene captured pretty much my personal journey these last twelve months of going along in life and then suddenly a shift in circumstances that literally stopped me from going further on that path. Forces at work that were beyond my control and have propelled me to face the fact that certain things in my life have indeed come to a complete end. The end of one period or perhaps even an end of self as I know it.

Blow mind 009

I would say that for many the first thing that it brings to mind when you look at this sculpture is the statement you blow my mind.  It’s clearly conveyed that when you see the lips pursed in blowing and the mind being blown to little pieces.  The longer I looked at it the more I was drawn to feel it more like a destructive force that often draws us in to enticing and perhaps mind blowing experiences as depicted with the hands being extended and yet there is an element to it that seems to say that in the end it will ultimately destroy you.

Head Off2

This particular scene doesn’t provide you with the entire picture. It is only a glimpse of the larger scene and sculpture that makes up the whole.  The headless mannequin is what drew me to take the picture from this side view.   The person sitting with their hands on their face conveys quite a lot of meanings as does the entire scene.  What it made me think of when I spotted the clock was the times we are in today.  You’ve heard of the idiom “to lose your head” and in America alone we have never seen the likes of what we see today of people literally losing it.  Not surprising as art can be used as a tool to express the world around us thereby serving part of its function.


This last one that I have chosen to show is a distant view and perhaps gives more credence to the chosen name of the place.   There was a moment of hesitation of being so open again with my thoughts.  Though what a catharsis it can be when you start to loosen the reigns that you hold on so tight to.

Therein lies the nature of art — that it serves to include creativity,  expression, perception and response.

As of now the place is open for public viewing, so take a visit.

Taxi: WhItE ImPuRiTy


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