I’ll be waiting by the staircase


I really like this single Victorian tower, which is the newest creation by DaD Designs for the upcoming round of the LTD The Event.  It probably stems from my love of castles and too much reading of historical romance novels when I was younger.

I love when creators share the details of what inspired their creations and this tower is like the ones positioned on the lakes of Scotland to control the water level.  It is 100% mesh and has a 31 land impact and has a large room, the staircase with a bridge 10 meters long.

It’s the perfect set up for a scene of dalliance with some dashing rogue.  Don’t you think?

The LTD Event begins January 12th and will run until January 26th.

*Victorian Valve Tower – DaD Design @ LTD: The Event 
Japanese Maple Tree – [Organica]
Grass – Fanatik Architecture {past group gift}
Reed Flexi – Annastasia Scofield
Rock – 3D Trees
Heron – TLC 



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