Make the most of your day, because soon it will be gone

Decor 016

Happy Saturday everyone!

It’s good to have a little sunshine back today, especially after yesterday’s stormy weather.  The rest of the eastern states are getting the brunt of this winter storm passing through.  My friend in Tennessee sent me some pictures of her pasture with the donkeys she raises roaming around, with trees and bushes covered in icicles and the ground covered in fallen snow.  To someone who doesn’t get snow it looked so inviting and picturesque.

Instead I have sunlight streaming in heavily through my window, but it’s pretty windy with a slight coolness so I’m getting ready to open lots of windows.

I’m going to this post in now before I forget as the day goes on.  The wooden dining set is a new item by Mushilu, out now at the Secret Affair.  It’s available in different wood colors. I am showing the light version wood.

The La Vintage set is the pillow decor pieces shown by unKindness at the newest round of Lost & Found that just opened yesterday. The pieces can be bought separately or as a set.

The rest of the items are old gacha items or items in my inventory.

*Wooden Dining Set – Mushilu @ The Secret Affair
– Table Large White
– Table White
– Stool White
– Lamp Lights White
*La Vintage Set – unKindness @ Lost & Found
– La Vintage Pillow Seat
– La Vintage Pillow Stack w/Lace
– La Vintage Pillow Stack
– La Vintage Pillow Drawer
– La Vintage Lamp
Windmill Wall Decor – Brocante
Melted Candle – Dust Bunny
Coat Rack – Dust Bunny
Braided Rug – Dust Bunny
Sunday Newspaper – Dust Bunny
Pastry Rack – Dust Bunny
Bowl of Cereal – Dust Bunny
Cinnamon Roll Skillet – Dust Bunny
Blueberry Waffles – Dust Bunny
Snack Basket – Dust Bunny
Egg Soldiers – Dust Bunny
Blueberry Pancakes – Dust Bunny
Old Milk Churn Chamomile & Primrose – Ellen Crescendo
Old Milk Churn white with Petunia – Ellen Crescendo
Hayabusa Design Willow Tree M15-1 v2-1 T10G – Hayabusa Design
Wish You Were Here Prefab – Scarlet Creative

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