Welcome to my morning

Jian 001

My internet has been in and out since yesterday so I’m going to make it brief. I’m wearing a pencil skirt by MoDANNA, which is the group gift for this month. It’s a lovely sexy curvaceous dress as you can see.  In the background there I am showing another daybed and footstool by unKindness currently at FaMESHed.

The hot plate and coffee press items are by Jian, previously released and available now at the store.

The valentine items shown are all subscriber gifts from La Galleria.  This creator is very generous to her subscribers and really deserves kudos for that. Each week she has some gift that you can pick up somewhere at her store location.  She has amazing furniture and homes that are quite detailed and realistic and you should go check her items out.  My only problem is that I can only be on her sim for short periods of time before I start to lag considerably due to my slow internet and aged computer due to the high volume of items there.

Happy Friday!

*Pencil Black Dress – MoDANNA {Feb. 2016 Group Gift}
Hair – *DP*YumYum – *73 (Black)
Necklace – Pure Poison – Patch Heart Necklace @ Uber

*Canvas Paper Day Bed & Footstool – unKindness @ FaMESHed
*Coffee French Press & Coffee Cup Brunch – Jian
*Retro Grill Cheese Set  – Jian
{Hot Plate, Wicker Basket, Finished Sandwiches & Sandwich Assembly}
Cozy Country Kitchen Sink & Cabinets – Dysfunctional Designs
Sleepless Attic Skybox – Dust Bunny
Garvagh II Stool – {Theosophy}
Valentine Heart Applique Mesh Wall Hanging – La Galleria
Valentine Heart Welcome Placque – La Galleria
Valentine Balloons w Heart Emitters – La Galleria

Pose: – Leaning Pose – Izzie’s 5 (mirror) Poseball

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