No matter how long the winter spring is sure to follow

FLF 007ps

This Sunday, on February 14th the 8th annual Home and Garden Expo will open its doors and run until March 6th.  The expo is the largest event that features some of the best home and garden designers on the grid who come together to raise money for Relay for Life of Second Life.  The Relay  for Life is the main fundraising event for American Cancer Society, and Relay for Life of SL is the virtual counterpart that supports this worthy cause.

RLF 006ps

The exhibitors participating in the expo each have to provide two 100% donation items that are new and exclusive to the event.  In one way or another we have all been affected by someone whose had cancer and this is such a wonderful opportunity for you to show your support.  In addition to the exclusive items some exhibitors will be participating with gachas, in which 50% of the proceeds also go to Relay for Life.

RLF 005ps

Today I am featuring the Spring Garden 2016 from Love Everlasting PlantPets. The Garden comes in two different boxes.  There is a rez box so that you can arrange the entire scene as one piece or the other box contains all the individual pieces so that you can either arrange them among your own landscaping or use each piece as desired. Some cute features like the birds will sing and stop upon clicking and chairs, bench and patio have either single, couple or both animations.   The umbrella fountain is also available separately on its own and the difference is the animated ducks, which are cute and gives it that come to life effect.

The last picture contains the 100% donation items from Aphrodite Shops.  The cupcake and cake on tier stand and the cookie and cupcake boxes, which open upon click and will give out a cookie or cupcake upon clicking inside the box.

*Spring Garden 2016 – Love Everlasting PlantPets @ Home & Garden Expo {Landmark TBA}
*Umbrella Foundation w/ Hesitant Ducklings – Love Everlasting PlantPets @ Home & Garden Expo {Landmark TBA}
*RFL Cookie Box – Aphrodite Shops @ Home & Garden Expo {Landmark TBA}
*RFL Cupcake Box – Aphrodite Shops @ Home & Garden Expo {Landmark TBA}
*RFL Cake – Aphrodite Shops @ Home & Garden Expo {Landmark TBA}

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