I like storms, they let me know that even the sky screams too

“Storms are the poetry of the earth.  The intensity, the emotion, the honesty, the music.  The language of darkness and light.” ~ Victoria Erickson

This Asian tea house by Pastiche that I am featuring is another preview at the Home & Garden Expo.  The premier yearly event where you can find the latest releases of home and garden decor at a discount and at the same time support Relay for Life of Second Life.

RFL 021

Quite ironic that I get to post this picture taken on Sunday today and last night we had a raging storm just after midnight when I finally hit my bed.  I laid there hearing the storm grow stronger as rain pounded against the house with the heavy wind mixed with the low rumbling sound of thunder.

Sort of the perfect weather for my own chaotic emotions as I laid there listening to the tempo of the storm increase in intensity. It’s like mimicking your own state of mind in that moment as you settle into bed letting the day’s events wash through you. The wet air coupled with leaving my fan on has given me a head cold once again.  I woke up with a pounding headache and just now in the right frame of mind and less intense headache to get this post going.

Even though the effects of a storm can be quite damaging as evident this morning on reading the news of a tornado touching down nearby and over 500 households without power this morning I am never terrified of the storms that pass through. You get that tornado warning on the phone at 3 am telling you to find cover and I just snuggled deeper into bed. There is just something that seems exhilarating and energizing about them and once they pass there is that calmness one speaks about after the storm.

Happy Tuesday!

Featured items found at Hope 6 The Home & Garden Expo
*Asian Tea House – Dark Wood – *Pastiche* 
*Japanese Tea Table, Cushion & Placemat with Menu – *Pastiche*
*Spring Tree Grouping – Dixie Dandelion

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