The Cheyenne

G 0052

Just doing a quick post and showing the Cheyenne log home by Greymoon Designs, a store that specializes in creating detailed mesh houses, furniture and garden stuff.  It’s a huge home with open wide areas in the middle section of both the top and bottom with rooms on each side.


The creator uses original mesh and custom textures to create their low prim homes. This home has a land impact of just over 240, though you see it is a big home and comes in a rez box with everything you see pictured except the large spruces and the grass in front.


This last picture shows the outside space with a fireplace, which makes for the perfect space to enjoy the scenery from every direction.


The log home is available at the Home & Garden Expo on Hope 1 Sim.

*Cheyenne Log Home – Greymoon Designs @ Hope 1 Home  & Garden Expo
Spruce Trees – 3D Trees
Meadow Grass – Kidd Creations

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