Happy Little Easter

Aphrodite 003-1

A friend wished me Happy Little Easter as we parted this evening and I found it a little strange considering today was Easter. Knowing they were tired I thought maybe they forgot what the day was.  It happens right?  I can’t be the only one that gets some days mixed up?

Anyways, after telling me what it meant and we parted ways the term kept nagging at me as if I should know it. Well trust my friend google to know the answer.  Little Easter also known for many other people as Easter Monday is an official holiday in many countries and is part of the Easter period. Here in America this is not a holiday and there is no observation other than some traditional festivities on the lawn of the White House. Though after reading about it I realized that I’ve read on this observed holiday in the past, but I sure didn’t recall it just then.

Yep, it’s gonna be a normal Monday for us here, but Happy Little Easter to any and all who celebrate the day after Easter.

*The Sauna Boat* – Heart Homes @ Tres Chic

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