Reflections of a yesterday

Jian 005

Even if I didn’t realize it as I was setting up the scene and choose this pose in the chair, it certainly reflects the downhearted mood that I found myself in last night. Don’t you hate it when your emotions become the battlefield.  I certainly do and yet the vulnerability makes me a bit more determined to overcome what I’m struggling with. The struggle then becomes that between the stubborn self that wants to get to a place where I could care less…  and the sensitive side that gets in the way.

Oh well.. the cats were good company in the meantime.  These are the two rares in the Floofy Felines gacha by Jian at the Gacha Guardians Event.  The collection includes 16 commons that come in two versions, the head clinger and the hold me kind.  There are two rares, which are shown.  On click you can change the texture of the collar and coat of the cat.  There is a gift that can be received if you play the same machine ten times and Jian’s gift is the fancy feaster, which is a kitty with its bowl of food and animated water.   Now there is a method to playing the gachas at this event, and so check out the Gacha Guardians website to learn how to play.

I’m also featuring this tree with chair by Fantavatar & Moonstruck, currently available at Fair Play.  It’s a nice decor piece that you can place somewhere in your yard to spend some alone time.  It comes with eight sitting animations.

*Floofy Felines – Cat Napper (Rare) -Jian @ Gacha Guardians
*Floofy Felines – Companion Kitty (Rare) – Jian @ Gacha Guardians
*A Nap In The Orchard – Fantavatar & Moonstruck @ Fair Play
Morning Dew Grass – T-Spot

Hair – Damselfly – Laurita @ FaMESHed
Top – Bens Boutique – Yasemin Tank

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