Daydreaming on love

Love 001

*RockBed Tub – Pearl by SAYO @ The Men’s Department
*Newport Bathroom Set by Dysfunctionality @ The Liaison Collaborative
{Toilet, Rope Mirror, Sink & Lighthouse Shelf}
Nerites Wall Lamp by Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade
Nerites Wall Lamp by  Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade
Wanderlust . Thrown Shirt by Dust Bunny @ The Arcade
[Paradise] Fiber Rug by Ariskea @ The Arcade
Ready To Blog_Clothing Rack by LeP @ The Arcade
Pile of Towels, Love is all You Need Poster, Loofah & Razor by MudHoney
Wiggling-Witty Cats by Mutresse @ The Arcade
Pissed off-Witty Cats by Mutresse @ The Arcade
LN Porch planter by DRD @ The Arcade
Piper Candles by MudHoney @ The Arcade
LN Curtain3 Tripple by DRD @ The Arcade
Room Divider [White] by Pilot
Nerites Folly House Rare by Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade
Red Wine His by Dutchie

Mackenzie Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills

3 thoughts on “Daydreaming on love

    1. I was so daydreaming that I hit post before writing anything after I finished doing the credits.. oh well. I came home from vacation and now I’m sick.. got wet on my last day.. shakes head.

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