Dinner is almost served

Aph 006

Happy Friday! I hope it’s a happy one.  It seems many people I know are having a rough time lately, and then with such terrible happenings in the world it’s good to be thankful and appreciative of the small things each day.  I am thankful today just for feeling a little more lively even with the restless night I had with coughing so much.

Today I am showing a new dining room set by Aphrodite Shops, which will be available at the new round of Tres Chic.  The vintage set is pretty much all set just for you to rez, sit and enjoy a meal with family and friends.  If you have a little one, to complete the set there is a baby and kids chair available as well.  The chocolate cake is just one of many available to help you celebrate Father’s Day, which is this Sunday.

May you enjoy the rest of your day.

*Full Vintage Dining Room Set by Aphrodite @ Tres Chic
*Vintage Dining – Baby & Kids Chair V1.0 @ Tres Chic
*”Fathers Day” Choco Pie Golden by Aphrodite 
“Cyprus Oasis” Soft Loop Area Rug – Ivory by [CIRCA]
Clesse Manor by Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88
9. LN Cabinet by DRD @ The Arcade
2.LN Chandelier 2 by DRD @ The Arcade
Wanderlust . Flower Skull by Dust Bunny @ The Arcade
11.LN Teaset Decor by DRD @ The Arcade
Console Table by Brocante
Hexa Glass Bottle With Eucalyptus by The Loft & ARIA @ Collabor88
Garden Tree 07 by Happy Mood

4 thoughts on “Dinner is almost served

  1. IMO, there’s nothing as nice as having a wonderful meal around a beautiful table with friends you adore. This, to me, is one of those tables where the chairs are comfortable enough, the host and hostess are relaxed enough and small children running here and there aren’t making everyone crazy.
    You’ve definitely made it an inviting room to step into and your imagination can carry you away in a nano-second. Beautiful – – –

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