There is nothing like staying home for real comfort

Tia 007-Darker

After several restless nights I finally got a good sleep in, so I’m feeling bright-eyed and bushy tailed. In other words fully alert and with a slight degree of enthusiasm. I’m not a morning person after all!

Today I am featuring a new designer/creator.  New to the blog, but not to Second Life. She’s been around for a few years and her store  in Second Life is focused on original, high quality, mesh role play furniture.  Her new release, the Kaoutar lounge set, is a gorgeous adult set of furniture.

You get quite a bit of animations with both the double and single seats, that have a mixture of single sits, cuddles, dominants and sex animations.  It’s 100% mesh and my favorite of all creations is always the texture hud that gives you a little customization.  This one includes a hud with 10 luxury colors for the fabric and 5 wood colors.

The set is available now at the new We ❤ Role-Play round that started July 5th, and will go through July 31st.  It will be at the main store after the event, but why wait, grab it at a discount now!

*Kaoutar Lounge – Adult Set by [Tia] @ We ❤ Role-Play
{Lounge – Doube & Single Seat, Table & Lamps}
Crete Full Set by Bazar @ Shiny Shabby
{Succulents, Potted Wall Tree, Stool, Door Decoration Baskets & Hammock Chair}
Floria Living Room Rug by Bazar
Marrakesh Oasis by [ba] barnesworth anubis
Water-Mashroom w/Water bowl by Soy
Potted Pothos by Soy
Urne de Terra Cuite by Apple Fall
Apple Fall Key Lamp (Nickel) by Apple Fall
Plaster Side Table & Pine Branch by Soy {SLB13 Gift @ Collabor88}
Water-Mashroom w/ Moss Ball {modded} by Soy


2 thoughts on “There is nothing like staying home for real comfort

  1. That’s a beautiful set, even if you wanted it only for decoration! I’m really enjoying the modern Moroccan theme that the H&G designers are getting into at the moment.Got that house by [BA] and it’s so nice to fill it with suitable furniture now.

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