A unique architectural shopping event coming soon


As I mentioned in my previous Draftsman blog post on October 19th, a new event is on the horizon called Draftsman that begins on November 20th.  Each round will be a different architectural style, from prehistoric to the middle ages to modernism.  I’m doing this short blog just to share with you the line up of creators who are signed on to participate in the upcoming new event.

It will be bi-monthly event and already it has a fabulous line up of creative designers like Meshworx, Cheeky Pea, Little Branch, SAYO, Fiasco, Pillows, Cloudberry, Blue skye, PEWPEW!, Unkindness, Ninety, One Decor, EPIA, Galland Homes, Rekt, Panavia, Violetility, ChiC buildings and Warm Animations.  The final line up will be announced in November as the event date gets closer.

I encourage you to bookmark and visit the website to learn more about the event as it draws near.

My photo that I took for my first post on the event was selected as group cover, so thanks everyone for your continued support.


Website: Draftsman

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