Being cooped up all day makes one fidgety


*Hair: No.Risk by No.Match @ On9
*Dress: Dobrawa -Maitreya by !gO! @ We ❤ Role-Play

*Chicken Collection by JIAN 
*Red Bush {Mesh} by by Little Branch @ Enchantment
*River Beech.v2 {Seasons} by Little Branch @ Enchantment
Romance Ruin Wall by Pewpew!  {February Deco(c)rate}
Romance Stone Bench by Pewpew!  {February Deco(c)rate}
Stony Hollow Laundry Collection by Artisan Fantasy @ Enchantment
*AF* Stony Hollow Laundry Table
*AF* Stony Hollow Laundry Smoother Tool
*AF* Stony Hollow Laundry Clothespins
*AF* Stony Hollow Laundry Bucket Medium
*AF* Stony Hollow Laundry Clothesline
*AF* Stony Hollow Laundry Clothesline With Posts
*AF* Stony Hollow Laundry Agitator
*AF* Stony Hollow Laundry Bucket Sm Empty
Little Tree – Fall by [ keke ] @ The Chapter Four
Puffy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*
Itchy Grass [Gold] by *alirium*

*Pose:  The Duchess Series by an lar [poses] @ We ❤ Role-Play

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