Stay awhile

In some of my morning readings I’ve come across the same message and I can’t help think it’s something that I needed to hear. The first was old ways won’t open new doors and the other was the problems we face today cannot be solved thinking in the same way that created them. I get it loud and clear.  I’m listening.

There’s been a lot of soul searching for me lately as I ponder some decisions about the direction that I want to take in this next stage of my life. It’s not always easy to step out of your comfort zone, but I know for me it’s time to take another leap of faith and take some steps towards a new direction.

Thanks for listening to my pondering this morning. I leave you to peruse credits for everything I am showing in my scene today.

Have a great Friday!

*Hair: Sierra by Lock & Tuft @ Cosmopolitan
*Top: Cleo Top – Maitreya by Evani @ Tres Chic
*Laura Shorts FM (Maitreya L.) by RinkaTres Chic
*Shoes:  Jonquil – Maitreya – Low Plateau by Empire @ Uber

Bedroom Decor by Kalopsia @ Collabor88
Kalopsia – Faith’s Bed 
Kalopsia – Faith’s Stand
Kalopsia – Faith’s Books Pile
Kalopsia – Faith’s Message
Kalopsia – Faith’s Copper Mug
Kalopsia – Faith’s Lamp
Kalopsia – Faith’s Side Table
Kalopsia – Faith’s Rug – Grey
Decor by Dust Bunny @ Collabor88
Dust Bunny . Wire Record Rack
Dust Bunny . Briefcase Record Player . Yellow
Dust Bunny . Snake Plant
Dust Bunny . Folding Fur Chair
‘Hello Spring’ Wreath Framed by {what next} @ Collabor88
Tablet and Glasses [watercolor] by Pilot @ Collabor88
Ceramic Friend Pot with Succulents – Box Decor by MishMish @ Collabor88
Ceramic Friend Reed Diffuser  by MishMish @ Collabor88
Diva Dog Shih Tzu – Brown Rare by [Black Bantam]
Skull Pop Deco by Bueno @ The Arcade

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